I’ve been in technical recruiting for coming up on 10 years. Over that period there have been times when 25 well-qualified candidates were vying for 1 open spot all the way to today’s climate when there is a significant shortage of talent for all of the great technical positions here in the Atlanta area, not to mention across the country. I’ve worked with 5 person start-ups to some of the largest organizations in the world, and placed hourly data center rack and stack guys to CTO level candidates. Working at eHire with a team of like-minded individuals that valued quality, transparency and relationship building allowed us to find the best fit for the individual and our clients. When we started Make & Build I wanted to take that same approach when building the team here. So what makes someone a good fit at Make & Build? There are a few key pieces of the person’s makeup that will get you a good look at one of our openings.


First off and most important is personality. We just don’t have room for ego’s here, regardless of skillset. If you aren’t humble and open to discussion then you aren’t right for us. From the top down we are a collaborative group and everyone is involved in our development process in some way. We look for individuals who are friendly and engaging. We hang out together socially quite a bit and joke at each other’s expense during the day so being able to integrate yourself in the culture is essential. One should come with a commitment to making others around you better and bringing energy to the team. That’s the only way we can grow and keep the culture we’ve worked hard to achieve.


Next on our list, aptitude is a trait that every M&B’er has in spades. We have developers and designers with an array of platform and language experience, from Java to Ruby to Hadoop and Objective-C. We make and build for a bevy of clients with an ever-changing technology stack that can be hard to plan for. To combat that potential issue, we seek candidates with a strong foundation in a particular discipline but more importantly hire individuals that are quick to learn and can make a determination on the fly. While interviewing, we shoot to gauge how quickly a candidate could pick up new skills and languages. By having a polyglot team we can be flexible in our deployment and move people around to different projects. This allows for less bench time than if we had a collection of one trick ponies and flips the script on the staff up/staff down model of some other agencies.


Ambition, drive and entrepreneurial spirit are essential traits shared by our team. We aren’t an organization that micromanages and need our employees to be self-motivated. Pre-hire, we do some digging into prospective candidate backgrounds. What do you do to better yourself? Do you attend conferences, do you commit to an open-source project, and do you tinker on the side? These things make for a well-rounded individual and allow you to contribute to the M&B creative process. This will also allow you the ability to introduce fresh ideas and ways of thinking into the team. We foster that way of thinking through R&D projects we implement in house and showcase to clients that are looking for a unique solution.


At the end of the day sometimes the final fit and finish of a project comes down to pride. Are you happy with the end product, is it the best you could produce with the tools given or is it passable? To borrow a building metaphor we measure twice and cut once so that our code is rock-solid and stable. It takes a special someone who is more concerned with getting it right than getting it done.

These are just some of personal traits we look for in potential hires. If you find yourself agreeing with what you read you might want to check out our open positions and get yourself in the mix for the next opening. We will continue to build a cohesive team and culture will always take the front-seat and we will not compromise. Here are a few blogs from other companies that follow similar principles.