Some desks are just desks, others: creative launch pads. Each member of the Make & Build team was hand selected for a purpose. It seems only fitting that their desks received the same individual attention.

Building things worth being proud of starts with being proud of where they’re built. The same sense of pride drives standards high above the rest of an industry. The workspace at Make & Build is no exception.

Sourcing unfinished pine and birch doors for the tabletops, along with dark iron pipe and matching fittings, we’re able to create unique workspaces that embrace every employee. Each desk stained, distressed, and sealed to showcase natural grain with a polished finish. A refined construction with a touch of attitude. To look at these desks as mere places to keep your stuff is an insult to their potential.

It would be easy to buy a stock office setup and have it delivered and installed at the click of a mouse. Fewer splinters, less sweat and no bruised thumbs, but we’re just not pre-fab kind of people. Call us crazy, but we’re proud to build smart, lasting solutions for what we need. These are our moneymakers. Our control centers. Our anvils and butcher blocks. There may be others like them, but for our time and place, these desks are ours.

We invite you to come by the Make & Build offices at 1700 Marietta Boulevard to tour the space, talk shop, and get a sneak peek at some of the made-to-order solutions we’re proud of.