App Development

App Development

Custom apps that drive your business 

Web Applications

Keeping your software, even your brand, cross-platform accessible and environment-responsive is important. Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are the best way to make that happen on the web. People have their own preferences, and supporting as many users as possible is a great way to ensure your application makes a splash in the market.  

  • Responsive Styling
  • Data Visualization
  • Rich Internet Applications (Angular/Backbonejs)
  • Traditional MVC

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications bring big-time brand power to small-sized devices, integrating with the digital services people rely on. What platform is right for your app?  By employing true mobile engineers we're able to stay at the front of the tech wave while staying up to date with other platforms.  Some of the things we are working on:

  • iOS and Android Applications for both Mobile & Tablet
  • Payment Processing (Apple Pay, Passbook, Google Wallet, Cardflight, etc)
  • Beacons (iBeacons, ATT)
  • Geo-based services
  • Wearables (Apple Watch, Android Wear)
  • Push
  • Remote Data Services
  • Analytics
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Though we stick to B2B, retail, and consumer-engagement applications, we can build any app from concept to submission: Hybrid or Native. Our goal is to harness the power of commerce and great user experiences that can drive brands.