Platform Integration

Platform Integration

Unifying systems essential to your business

Platform Integration

Building applications that integrate across multiple vertical platforms is our wheelhouse.  Our team is experienced in building for thousands of simultaneous users, and we can stabilize or refactor your current architecture to support it. 

  • Storefront/Shipping/Payment Processing
  • Billing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)/Document Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Cloud Services

Cloud Services allow us to create large, scalable web solutions, build extendable web apps and APIs, and monitor total solutions from a high level. The Cloud allows apps to harness more power and work faster while cutting client costs on expensive hardware.  We architect solutions that take into account:

  • Maintainability/Extensibility/Testability
  • Availabilty/Reliability/Scalability/Performance
  • Security

Big Data

With an immense power for spotting trends & predicting habits, processing and analyzing the right data can have big implications in any industry. Understanding this power, M&B has made a point of simplifying data and making it agile, to better provide companies with all the tools necessary to capture, analyze, and visualize the data that’s important.