Applications for a candidate management solution

eVerifile is an innovative, cloud-based provider of human resource, employee, and contractor workforce intelligence solutions. To continue providing top-tier client services, it was important that their desktop & mobile products reflect the same reliability and certainty as their brand promise. That meant partnering with Make & Build to develop revolutionary new client products.

The Project

Design and build desktop & mobile solutions to fairly and consistently screen and certify railroad industry contractors. This included developing a contributory database and re-writing a previous application to create a new baseline product for current and future solutions.

Crafting Plan

Functional Requirements:

  • Reporting: Management & orchestration of background checks including applicants and companies
  • Workflow Compliance: Training, testing & Background checks
  • Badge management & policing including shipping and printing
  • Capturing report usage & appropriate billing

What we made

After an overhaul by M&B, eVerifile’s new system includes evolved abilities to conduct immediate multi-state background checks as well as offer contractor training, testing and certification badging. A result of the product’s extendable nature, eVerifile is also looking to adapt and integrate other solutions to ensure viability for at least the next 10 years.

By employing our agile development process M&B was able to focus on test-driven development and continuous integration, guaranteeing confidence across all parts of a rather complex solution with multiple integration endpoints.

Seizing on a number of opportunities presented by this project, Make and Build was able to achieve more for eVerifile than originally scoped, including:

  • Automated reporting & background checks that give eVerifile the ability to integrate and provide a wider range of services while having the flexibility to make a cost-based-determination of which services to use.
  • Instant Badging & Policing were made possible through the use of electronic badges, allowing companies to identify and verify certified contractors easily, and without extended disruption of workflow. This also allowed for reporting of inconsistencies in real-time.
  • Streamlined business practices were achieved by eliminating some of the manual processes of the previous legacy system. Solutions also facilitated call-center collaboration by building in new ways for personas to get involved in the solution process. This brings eVerifile greater value through cross-team integration.
  • Capturing report usage and appropriate billing allowed eVerifile to track the usage of reports being executed and accurately charge for them by integrating Zuora, their chosen billing system.

In total, this project made use of technologies including EC2, RDS, Enterprise Java, RESTful Services, CouchDB, AngularJS Titanium, TDD, and Twitter Bootstrap. Integrating a wealth of 3rd party applications presented M&B with the opportunity to develop an agile and extendable final product. It is also worth noting that the final e-RailSafe product is poised to be the continued standard for the future of the Railroad Industry.


  • 45 days from Big Idea to App Store acceptance
  • 10-year estimated product efficacy
  • Streamlined development infrastructure
  • Updated system flexibility
  • Third party integration with over 10 different services
  • Revolutionized railroad industry

Since Launch:

  • 10k Applications processed
  • 28k Reports captured
  • 147k Documents Secured

“It is very apparent when walking into their office, these guys are different. They look at a project the way a woodworker sees a fallen tree. Excited. Their opportunistic attitude is comforting. Nothing we’ve thrown at them changes that. They see everything as an opportunity for something great.”

Larry White Vice President & COO at eVerifile