Re-Branding for DSA

Drug Safety Alliance, Inc. (DSA) is a global leader in safety and risk management services supporting pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, consumer health and animal health organizations.

DSA was using a text heavy and lengthy PowerPoint deck for sales presentations and "leave behinds" for their sales and marketing materials. The sales team was having a hard time capturing audience attention and summarizing their services in a concise manner.

Crafting Requirements

Through a number of informational sessions with the executive and sales leadership we were able to distill some core messaging and statistics we felt were valuable and impactful when presented in a more graphical format. DSA wanted an infographic that flowed but was able to be broken up into individual sections depending on the audience and environment.

What We Made

M&B took this information and modeled out 2 distinct visual paths, one still leaning on typography and the other stylistically bold using medical imagery. Once the choice was made, the infographic was built to flow from one section to the next seamlessly while incorporating all of the essential information when pitching new clients. We incorporated their new color scheme and imagery building custom images and integrating current company graphical assets.


  • A bright and bold infographic
  • Information broken down into 8 distinct slides
  • Web ready and editable PDF assets for future changes.

“Once we started working with Make & Build, there was no concern whether or not we would be satisfied with the final product. We had full trust in their capabilities and that they could bring to life what our team had envisioned. Over a period of six months of working with them, we were even more impressed than we had anticipated. The quality of work was unmatchable, the ideas and designs were unique, and the staff was a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with them again in the future and seeing what other wonderful marketing deliverables they will produce for our company.”

Lauren Carr Marketing Manager, North America, Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services