Legacy systems used in over 6k stores have become overly complex or technically out of date and tough to manage. For GPC it has become nearly impossible to add features and functionality using an old version of Java. 

Using our experienced approach we were able to alleviate bottlenecks in the system and reduce dependencies in different divisions that could complete pieces individually. We also refactored legacy code to reduce the complexity and number of moving parts. We assisted in integrated a loyalty platform that runs smoothly within a myriad of legacy systems.  


Providing operational stability, modernizing the architecture accounted for a 90% reduction in support calls and reporting failures across the enterprise. GPC was able to realize cost savings by using modern Java frameworks and current architectures. 

“Genuine Parts has had a very positive experience working with Make & Build. Initially we engaged them to help with back-end Java engineering issues we were experiencing and they are now being equally impactful in the design and UX areas here as well. Make & Build is flexible, enjoyable to work with and I would recommend them to others without hesitation.”

Troy Robinson Senior Manager, Application Development