Supporting The Conference Scheduling Lifecycle

For over 20 years, PGi has given people the tools to meet, collaborate and innovate. They design their tools to make collaboration easier. For them, it’s not only about the technology. It’s about the people using the technology.

PGi is a global leader in creating tools for remote meetings, collaboration, and innovation. To up their game, they wanted to build a new web conference and video-sharing platform: GlobalMeet Webinar. Make & Build was brought into the project to handle scheduling components, streamline confirmation processes, and develop data management tools to offer insights on how events perform. The resulting product needed to work on desktop browsers and be compatible with mobile devices.

Crafting Requirements

Accounting for an in-depth set of proposed requirements, this project spanned the wealth of Make & Build’s technical, developmental, and creative expertise. To go beyond being well written, the Make & Build team felt it was important to implement Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in a future-facing HTML5 product.

Technologies used:

  • HTML-5 allowed the product to shed the shackles of previous Flash-based solutions.
  • Cucumber was used for BDD & TDD (Test-Driven Development) – Providing confidence in the functionality and code written for the final product, while Gatling handled product load-testing.
  • Service Side Tools included M&B custom-built open-source tools to build REST services, lightweight data access, data validation & fixtures, and proper configuration.
  • Client-side technologies included Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone.js, Grunt, and Bower. Decoupling the client & backend services by making use of S3, EC2, Elasticache, CloudFront & RDS. This allowed the product to integrate with a lot of the client’s back-end web services.


The rollout of this product integrated harmoniously with GlobalMeet web and is setup nicely to do the same with a comprehensive suite of the client’s other products while fulfilling the full list of product requirements. All without compromising the final quality the deliverable. Adopting Continuous Integration has been a critical step to further ensuring confidence throughout the PGi product line. By developing an extensible product in an agile way, PGi is now able to use the blueprints of this project to update a large portion of their products.

“I felt like a key success in working with Make & Build is that they brought expertise about design and front-end framework that really supports responsive display of [our] application based on the user’s device. That was key for us and important that the team had knowledge in that area. That was super. There were a number of things where they impressed me with expertise and I was pleased with their technical depth.”

Leslie Rogers Director, Product Management at PGI